Our approach to ticketing is created with you, our citizens, in mind and focused on providing a straightforward  and easy-to-understand release schedule, that incorporates your valuable feedback. 

Given the current environment we are in and witnessing how many other festivals have had to increase their prices because of it, we are excited to announce that we will release our loyalty ticket for exactly the same price as last year.

We will start our official ticket release on Tuesday, Oct 3rd 2023, by releasing a limited amount of 200x loyalty tickets. After the loyalty ticket category is sold out, we will continue with our early bird price release later this year.

*Note: Our Car and Campervan tickets will be available during your checkout and can be included as an add-on when purchasing your citizen pass. Should you choose to travel by bus, you will need to buy a separate bus ticket via the website of our bus partner. You can find more information regarding the transportation options at the bottom of this page.


Loyalty Ticket

 Ticket price                     165€

Hygiene fee                        10€
Environment fee               10€
Included balance             30€

Total                                   215€


Loyalty Ticket Includes:
Extended Weekend festival & camping pass (Fri-Mon)
30€ prepaid drinks balance (Already on RFID wristband upon arrival)
Access to all workshop and yoga areas
Complimentary filtered H2o water

*net: Excluding taxes and fees




Option 1: Bus

We have partnered with partybusse.de in order to make getting to and from PÂVOIA as flexible, easy and hassle-free as possible. Our bus partner will provide dedicated state-of-the-art travel buses from various locations across Germany for you to choose from. Please check out their website at https://www.partybusse.de/tours/tours/1567 for more info on dates, travel times and pricing.

Our bus partner will provide early bird prices for all of the PÂVOIA’24 routes until 31/10/2023.

*Please note that the bus ticket (round-trip) is not part of your general admission ticket and will have to be purchased separately via the website above. If you do not book a car or campervan ticket or plan to travel by train, you must book a bus ticket via the link above.

Option 2: Car
– 35€

As we have only limited car parking spaces available, we will only offer a certain number of car tickets which will receive a badge on-site for access to a dedicated car parking area. If you did not get one of the car tickets, please choose a different mode of transport, as we will not be able to accommodate your car otherwise. Of course multiple ticket holders can share one car ticket for a pooled arrival. Please be aware you will not be able to park your car inside the festival grounds, so you cannot easily access it during the festival days. Unloading and exiting the car at the festival entry is permitted.

Option 3: Camper Van
– 65€

This year we will transform the forest area behind at the Heli into a proper campervan parking area with direct access to the festival grounds. As these special tickets are also limited in quantity, be quick if you plan on bringing and sleeping in your camper van.

Option 4: Train

If you want to travel by train, you can do so as well. The closest train station from the festival grounds is called Gadkow Wielki, which is a 40min train ride from Frankfurt/Oder. From Gadkow Wielki you will need a taxi for the remaining distance of 5km to the festival site.